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“Who Owns the Commons?” Symposium

Writers to explore issues posed by the commons

For anyone in Alaska, or wanting to visit Alaska in June, check out the upcoming symposium, Gifts of Nature, Gifts of Culture: Who Owns the Commons?]
which the Island Institute of Sitka, Alaska, will host on June 18-22, 2008.

The symposium will explore “the remarkable features of the commons, the forces that work against the concept and the innovative approaches being taken by individuals, groups and communities to ensure that these shared assets are held as our common wealth for generations to come.”


p(photo-credits). cc licensed photo from Flickr by filo http://www.flickr.com/photos/filo/33089555/

The Island Institute is committed to using “the literary arts as a means of inquiry into the core values of community, and promote collaborative leadership as an avenue to deepen democratic principles of civic engagement.” The symposium will feature an Inupiaq tribal advocate Vernita Katchatag Herdman; Pulitzer Prize-winning author William deBuys, who chairs an innovative trust for public land; poet Alison Hawthorne Deming; and Don Snow, a former editor of Northern Lights Magazine who is now senior lecturer at Whitman College.