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October 10, 2008

A Chance to Spread the Word

We’re creating a book, The Field Guide to the Commons—and need your recommendations of good articles and artwork.

On the Commons seeks your help.

We are preparing a book, The Field Guide to the Commons, and we’d love your recommendations of what should appear in this book—from your own work and that of other people you know who are engaged in the subject. This could include anything from a blog entry you think captures some essential point about the commons to a meticulously thought-out manifesto or artwork.

The book is conceived as an accessible introduction to the ideas and practice of the commons. Our aim is: to 1) Explain the commons; 2) Offer some historical background; 3) Look at the state of the commons today; 4) Lay out potential future directions for politics, economics and social life in a commons-based society; 5) Present case studies of the commons in action today, including pop culture and everyday life; 6) Profile individuals whose work and lives embodies the commons vision; and 7) Explore how the commons affects and can illuminate issues in critical sectors such as the environment, economics, politics & governance, cultural life, community life, and the digital world.

We would ideally hope to see your recommendations by October 21. Don’t labor over your selections; we hope you can contribute already-done writing, photos or art that will enhance the book. Please email to On The Commons Fellow Jay Walljasper, who is editing and writing The Field Guide. He can be reached at Jay@OnTheCommons.org.

Unfortunately, we are not in a position to pay for your work excerpted in the book. We will be looking through a wealth of material and cannot guarantee that any particular submission will appear in the final product. But be assured your ideas and contributions will be given serious consideration.

Thanks for your help.


Jay Walljasper,
For OnTheCommons.org