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November 15, 2011

Give to the Max for the Commons

Today is Give to the Max Day in Minnesota – a day to celebrate and support your favorite organization, including On the Commons

Since 2001, On the Commons has sparked collaborations, showcased commons-based solutions at the community and national level, developed approaches for how to share our commons equitably, and inspired commons activists to make a difference in their communities, and the world.

On the Commons is currently involved in a variety of efforts to advance the commons movement. Our work includes:

Organizing commons convergences and meetings with local commoners in communities across the country, as well as connecting commoners to one another to grow our movement.
The Great Lakes Commons initiative—a multi-year partnership with many other organizations to declare our Great Lakes as a commons, public trust, and protected bioregion.
Innovating shared investment strategies and a framework for commons-based approaches to farmland and food. This work is essential to creating viable local food economies.
Continuing our influential coverage of commons news and commentary on OntheCommons.org and in the media, raising the visibility of the commons movement, and promoting our new book All That We Share: A Field Guide to the Commons (The New Press 2010).

The demand for our work is growing exponentially. If you believe that a new way of understanding what we share and how we share is critical to our future, declare yourself a commoner: donate today to help deepen, boost, and animate our work.

With hope and gratitude,
Julie, Ana, Faye, Alexa, Jay, and Jessica
for the On the Commons network