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November 2, 2009

Good News from Good magazine

Commons figures prominently in list of "what's important, exciting and innovative"

Good magazine—a hip, savvy publication aimed at younger “green” readers—has discovered the commons.

A sizable share of the Good 100, their signature list of “the most important, exciting and innovative people, ideas, and projects making our world better” point to commons-based solutions to the world’s problems.

Among the ideas celebrated in their Fall issue are:

1 Eco-patent commons
2 A town in Australia that banned bottled water
3 College classes open to everyone
4 Streetsblog, a feisty online forum arguing the streets belong to everyone, not just cars:
5 New York’s sensational new High Line park
6 The Center for Biological Diversity
7 Worldchanging.com , a commons-savvy news and ideas website
8 Putting the commons into action (a/k/a “commoning”) by creating cooperative buying clubs
9 Pedestrian streets that ease traffic congestion.

And that’s just the start.

You’ll also find inspiring news about urban agriculture, Obama’s Republican Transportation secretary, solar power cooperatives, reviving Detroit’s fortunes by making it the center for high-speed rail manufacturing, community gardens and a letter from a young Dutch activist seeking to “break up” with the older generation.

Give Good a good look.