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March 23, 2010

Local Food, Healthy Commons

How everyone gains access to fresh, healthy meals

Rising public interest in local food as a logical way
to promote healthy eating, strong local economies
and land conservation fits well into the framework
of the commons. OTC co-directors Julie Ristau
and Ana Micka are involved with this issue on many
fronts, and gave a well-received presentation at the
National Food Security Conference last October
in Des Moines.

Ristau is co-chair of Homegrown
Minneapolis, a municipal campaign to provide city
residents with greater access to wholesome, sustainable
food. Micka, through her Fresh Girl project,
has created a video, book and many public presentations
about preserving fresh food to eat throughout
the year. They are also forging connections with organizations
working on sustainable agriculture and
community nutrition.

The basic principles of the commons can benefit
both our local food systems and a healthy society by
helping to create new structures that promote economic
equity in how wholesome food is distributed
to diverse communities.