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All That We Share - A Field Guide to the Commons

How to Save the Economy, the Environment, the Internet, Democracy, Our Communities, and Everything Else That Belongs to All of Us

A strong dose of optimism is the antidote for these times.
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All That We Share: A Field Guide to the Commons is a wake-up call that will inspire you to see the world in a new way. As soon as you realize that some things belong to everyone—water, for instance, or the Internet or human knowledge— you become a commoner, part of a movement that’s reshaping how we will solve the problems facing us in the twenty-first century.

The commons movement is emerging as people from all walks of life—web savvy young people, urban organizers, communities throughout the global South, advocates and concerned citizens everywhere—find the commons a powerful tool for making a better world. It represents a shift from “me” to “we” that will transform modern society.

Award winning author and OntheCommons.org editor Jay Walljasper with others from On The Commons have created an indispensable introduction to the commons today. In his Foreword to All That We Share, author and activist Bill McKibben states “The commons is a crucial part of the human story that must be recovered if we are to deal with the problems now crowding in on us.”

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All That We Share covers the full spectrum of the commons around the world from water and Wikipedia to streets and public spaces. It delves into the serious threats to our commons and but also highlights new, hopeful strategies being developed to reclaim what is rightly ours and documents success stories from communities around the globe.

What others are saying:
“I have been studying the commons for several decades now; to my surprise and delight this wonderful book taught me many things I didn’t know. Jay Walljasper has done us all a great favor.” –Lewis Hyde, author, The Gift and Common as Air

“Bubbling with ideas and inspiration for creating neighborhoods and nations where everyone, not just a wealthy few, can enjoy the resources—and opportunities—that by right and reason truly belong to us all.” – Sam Pizzigati, editor, Too Much

“An important book that is coming at just the right time. This is a book that makes you think. And then it will show you how the commons can be saved, both locally and nationally.” – Moshe Adler, author, Economics for the Rest of Us

All That We Share chapters include: What is the Commons, Why the Commons Matters Today, Politics and Social Justice, What We Can Do to Restore the Commons and more.

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