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Arts and Culture

Arts and Culture highlights creative work in all mediums and disciplines with a special emphasis on artists, writers, performers, and collectives who blur the lines between art-making, personal activism, and community involvement. As they employ new artistic strategies, contemporary creatives continue to expand the role of arts and culture in public life. This section will feature intriguing and often ground-breaking work and explore how it might illuminate the challenges and opportunities we face as we move toward a commons-based world.

November 22, 2004

The Problem of the Anti-Commons in Filmmaking

The ridiculous reach of copyright laws impairs film making.
November 12, 2004

Philly High School to Sell Naming Rights

Philadelphia school to sell naming rights, but polls show public thinks private names for public institutions has gone too far.
October 20, 2004

Marketeers Launch a Commercial Invasion of Local Schools and Sports

A Commercial Invasion of Schools is on the way. Look for the football team to be sponsored by Gatorade or Outback Steak House.
September 2, 2004

Who Owns Native Culture?

August 31, 2004

Siva Vaidhyanathan

August 31, 2004

Judy Wicks

August 30, 2004

Philippe Aigrain