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Camille Gage

Stories by Camille Gage

“Why Are We?”

April 11, 2014
Poet Crystal Williams talks with Camille Gage about her work, beauty and Detroit.

Creativity, Collaboration and the Art of the Right Word

October 29, 2013
UNCOMMON/WORD Poetry Fellow Elizabeth Dingmann on the role of literature in community life

On Waiting and Writing

August 26, 2013
A conversation with poet Juliet Patterson

The Cat’s Out of the Bag and Now I Must Take it Even Further

June 14, 2013
Poet/performer Douglas Kearney embraces collaborative creativity

Poetry as Provocation

May 13, 2013
An interview with Sarah Browning of Split This Rock

How Arts and Culture Open a Window to the Wider World

April 25, 2013
And help us more clearly see all that we share