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On the Commons Team

Stories by On the Commons Team

Great Lakes Commons Initiative: A Game-Changing Plan

September 3, 2012
An effort to declare and live the Great Lakes as a commons, a protected bioregion and a public trust

What We Can Do to Protect the Great Lakes

September 1, 2012
Creating a commons charter to govern management of the lakes will protect the public interest

Equity is Essential

August 3, 2012
8 ideas about how to advance equity in commons work

The Foundation of Commons-Based Solutions

July 10, 2012
Six elements of a new paradigm for a life-giving future

The Role of Commons Animateurs

May 8, 2012
Illuminating new possibilities and solutions

The 2011 Farmland Commons Gathering Introduction

May 7, 2012
Reclaiming farmland as a commons
Annie Leonard

An Introduction to Animating the Commons

May 4, 2012
Who are commons animateurs--and how do they exercise leadership for social change?
Water Dances

Equity and the Commons

May 3, 2012
Under what conditions will commons solutions advance racial, social, and economic equity?

Nine Core Commons Principles

April 30, 2012
The importance of belonging, participating, creating, restoring, redefining
Commons Workshop: Shifting Worldview

Commons Workshop: Shifting Worldview

April 30, 2012
Seeing, Naming, and Claiming the Commons

Handy Tools for Achieving Commons Based Solutions

April 30, 2012
10 Questions for working together