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David Bollier

Stories by David Bollier

Philly High School to Sell Naming Rights

November 12, 2004
Philadelphia school to sell naming rights, but polls show public thinks private names for public institutions has gone too far.

The Commons as a Movement

November 8, 2004
A beginners guide to the commons. It is a bottom-up movement with growing potential to affect how people think about the future.

Craigslist and the Triumph of the Commons

October 26, 2004
A refreshing success story. Craig Newmark of Craigslist puts public service ahead of reaping big bucks.

Marketeers Launch a Commercial Invasion of Local Schools and Sports

October 20, 2004
A Commercial Invasion of Schools is on the way. Look for the football team to be sponsored by Gatorade or Outback Steak House.

A Rousing Street Preacher Crusades Against Commercialism

August 25, 2004
Rev. Billy preaches against the ridiculous excesses of materialism in a clever, attention-getting way.

Julia Child on the Social Life of Markets — and Why It Matters

August 24, 2004
Julia Child understood the human dimension of food, and how important it is to stay connected with the vendors who sell it.

Dispatches from the Open Content Revolution

July 6, 2004
Act locally becomes more than just a slogan.

Our Drug Patent Tragedy, and a Provocative Alternative

July 6, 2004
A bold and bright proposal to improve the world's health care by sharing the cost and benefits of drug research subsidy.

Space as the "Final Frontier"?

June 23, 2004
Space as the final frontier of the Commons

Hail to the Information Commons!

June 17, 2004
We have a great opportunity to expand everyone's access to useful information thanks to technology and a new appreciation of the commons.

Stealing the West

May 19, 2004
A biotech gold rush may swamp companies seeking new patents from newly discovered bacteria

Fascinating Idea: The Community Ecosystem Trust

April 30, 2004
The Community Ecosystem Trust, now being pioneered in Canada, shows promise in solving our environmental problems.