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David Morris

Stories by David Morris

Photo by Morning Calm Weekly New under a Creative Commons license

Pentagon Budget: Corruption Disguised as Patriotism

November 12, 2016
In the primaries, Trump wooed voters by promising no rise in military spending. Now he wants massive increases.

Photo by Theresa Thompson under a Creative Commons license

America's Long (and Unfinished) Road to Democracy

November 12, 2016
Some historical context on US elections

Photo by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license.  

What Should Bernie Do Now?

May 20, 2016
And how Hillary can win over progressives

Illustration by DonkeyHotey under a Creative Commons license.

A Sterling Example of Democracy in Action

April 9, 2016
Bernie vs. Hilary is the most substantive political face-off in recent US history

US Embassy photo by Vince Alongi

A Long (and Still Unfinished) Road to Democracy

March 9, 2016
Women, blacks and men without property once could not vote. Here are the next steps to make America fair.

The debate about saving the village hospital on the TV show mirrors the fate of community hospitals in the US today. (Photo by  Kevin Oliver under a Creative Commons license.)

What Downton Abbey Teaches Us About Health Care

February 17, 2016
The importance of community in an age of high tech, specialized medicine

Photo by Nick Knupffer under a Creative Commons license

Two Big Mistakes That Cost Obama Public Support

December 19, 2015
He did not challenge greed by big banks and health care companies

Photo by Beth Cortez-Neavel under a Creative Commons license.

New York State Shook by Power of Bottom-Up Politics

November 10, 2015
2 ½ major victories for grassroots campaigns---minimum wage, fracking and school testing

By 顔なし.under a Creative Commons license.

Texas Takes Aim at Democracy

October 21, 2015
State legislature wipes out local policies on housing, fracking and guns

Photo by Bellingham Rolling Rebellion Advocates for Net Neutrality under a Creative Commons license

We Now Have a Justice System Just for Corporations

September 29, 2015
How the Supreme Court twisted a 1925 law to undermine the interests of citizens, employees and small business

By the European Parliament under a Creative Commons license

Birth Control is a Social Justice and Environmental Issue

September 23, 2015
Contraception boosts Pope Francis's vision of a better world

How the Right Wing Won the Language Wars

August 24, 2015
Why liberal, welfare and entitlements are dirty words.