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Jay Walljasper

Jay Walljasper, Senior Fellow at On the Commons and editor of OnTheCommons.org, created OTC’s book All That We Share: A Field Guide to the Commons. A speaker, communications strategist and writer and editor, he chronicles stories from around the world that point us toward a more equitable, sustainable and enjoyable future. He is author of The Great Neighborhood Book and a senior associate at the urban affairs consortium Citiscope. Walljasper also writes a column about city life for Shareable.net and is a Senior Fellow at Project for Public Spaces and Augsburg College’s Sabo Center for Citizenship and Learning. For more of his work, see JayWalljasper.com

Stories by Jay Walljasper

Copenhagen bikers have their own lane raised from the street. (By Spacing magazine under a CC license.)

Going Dutch and Danish

October 13, 2014
American cities are learning from places where bikes are 30 percent or more of street traffic

"Women Are Saying Enough Is Enough"

September 30, 2014
The 2014 Women's Congress focuses on putting the future first

Even with heavy traffic traffic, many New York streets accomodate pedestrians. (By Ed Yourdon under a CC license.)

These Streets Are Made for Walking

September 23, 2014
How to restore foot traffic as a way to go

Welcome to the New OnTheCommons.org

September 17, 2014
We've redesigned to better inform, inspire and equip you to make a difference

(By Dylan Passmore under a CC license)

Fixing the Tragedy No One Wants to Think About

September 11, 2014
NYC and other cities confront the fact that 4500 Americans die every year crossing the street

Conservatives, progressives and everyone else likes farmers' markets, local food, mom-and-pop stores and other qualities of a thriving community. Can they all connect around the commons? (Photo of the Barberton, Ohio, Downtown Farmers Market by the Barberton Community Foundation under a Creative Commons license.)

The Conservative Case for a Commons Way of Life

July 15, 2014
Not socialism, not capitalism…Distributism seeks community power

A protected bike lane on Dunsmuir Street in Vancouver separates riders from busy traffic. (Photo by Paul Krueger under a Creative Commons license.)

How to Inspire Millions More People to Bike

July 9, 2014
Bike lanes of the future can be seen on the streets right now

Healthy living conditions and community cohesion boost everyone's health. (Photo by Project for Public Spaces)

It Takes A Village to Stay Healthy

July 8, 2014
Personal health and community health linked in three projects in the Twin Cities
Professional Porch Sitters Union Local 1339 in Louisville, Kentucky stands up for a greener world. (Photo by Step It Up under a Creative Commons license.)

The Positive Power of Taking It Easy

June 8, 2014
The Porch Sitters Union knows that sometimes less is more

(Photo by Mlhradio under a Creative Commons license.)

Parks are Silent Victims of Our Economic & Political Ills

June 4, 2014
And from the pages of history, a proven way to rejevenate them

(Photo by Mkorsakov under a Creative Commons license.)

To Stop Climate Change, Start Calling It By a Different Name

May 19, 2014
Subconsciously, we warm to the idea of hotter planet

Manarola, one of five car-free Cinque Terre towns linked by trails and trains. (Photo by Kevin Botto under a Creative Commons license.)

Commons, Italian-Style

May 19, 2014
A popular vacation destination that keep its character thanks to a new twist in tourism