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March 5, 2012

Biggest Gift the Commons has Received in a Long Time

New videos from Occupy Wall Street's Commons Forum

Making Worlds, an educational committee of Occupy Wall Street, convened a watershed forum on the commons Feb. 16-18 in Brooklyn.

OTC’s program director Alexa Bradley gave a presentation about Reclaiming the Commons, where she stressed that the commons is found “at the intersection of environmental responsibility and restoration, and direct democracy, and social and economic equity.”

She goes on to note that, “Occupy is the biggest gift the commons has received in a long time in this country.”

More than two dozens videos from this historic meeting can be seen now on Making Worlds’ wikispace.

In addition to Bradley’s workshop you’ll find issues ranging from voting rights to alternative banking to raising children to arts and the commons discussed.

Among the presenters are:

*David Bollier of the Commons Strategy Group on Surveying Commons Activism on the International Stage ;

*James Quilligan, a key advisor to many international leaders, on the Global Commons Trust ;

*Silvia Federici, an activist and teacher at Hofstra University, offered An Introduction to the Commons ;

*Marcela Olivera, a Bolivian activist working with Food & Water Watch on “Water Struggles in Bolivia”:http://media.newhumanist.us/gallery/default.aspx?moid=4528.