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February 4, 2013

Celebrate Love and the Commons This Valentine's Day

Create an original poem for someone you love. (It's easy, we promise—real poets are standing by!)

CLICK HERE and poets will write an original poem for your valentine.

Then CLICK HERE to download a free e-book Celebrating the Commons to learn more about the commons. Filled with people, ideas, and stories for an inspired 2013, the e-book will help you see that a just and hopeful future is possible.

This Valentine’s Day On The Commons (OTC) and JoyFace Poetry and Arts Collective are partnering to help you create the most fun and unusual gift you’ve ever given: a custom poem co-created by you and the poet-members of JoyFace.

All you have to do is answer a few simple questions, and voila! The JoyFace poets will write a special poem for your valentine.

Join us on this creative adventure, and:

  • The object of your affection will receive a beautiful card featuring an original poem;

  • JoyFace will receive a portion of each card contribution to help purchase book stock for their new art and poetry storefront in Minneapolis;

  • And OTC will receive your support—support that makes our work possible.

So share the love this Valentine’s Day. Click here to create your poem. Custom card orders must be received by Friday, February 8th.

Because love is the greatest commons of them all,
The staff of OTC and poets of JoyFace


On the Commons is a strategy center, developing approaches for how to share our commons equitably and inspiring activists to make a difference in their communities. To learn more about our work click here.

JoyFace Poetry and Arts Collective is a group of artists building happiness and community through shared resources and poetry/art gatherings. To learn more about their work, click “here”:http://joyface.weebly.com/.