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Why Brewster Kahle Archives the Internet

December 16, 2013
And works toward creating universal access to all knowledge

Commons as a Powerful Tool for Understanding the World

October 2, 2013
Like the first image of Earth from outer space, the commons gives a new, and startlingly different, picture of the world

Passion for the Great Lakes Runs Deep

September 17, 2013
Organizer reveals the Great Lakes Commons Initiative's key to success: community leadership

People-Powered News Source Puts the Local Back Into Journalism

August 16, 2013
Community media executive and publisher of The Rapidian explains how the media commons empowers Grand Rapids residents

Ojibwe Water Walker Prays for Health of Mississippi River

June 20, 2013
Sharon Day explains why the Mississippi River Water Walkers journeyed nearly 2500 miles down the length of the Mississippi

Creating Commons-Based Solutions for Communities from Swaziland to Minneapolis

May 27, 2013
While working toward a new paradigm in the U.S. and abroad

Water Rights Advocate Wages Campaign Challenging Corporate Abuse

April 23, 2013
. . . to keep our most essential resource in the hands of the people