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Ojibwe Water Walker Prays for Health of Mississippi River

June 20, 2013
Sharon Day explains why the Mississippi River Water Walkers journeyed nearly 2500 miles down the length of the Mississippi

Creating Commons-Based Solutions for Communities from Swaziland to Minneapolis

May 27, 2013
While working toward a new paradigm in the U.S. and abroad

Water Rights Advocate Wages Campaign Challenging Corporate Abuse

April 23, 2013
. . . to keep our most essential resource in the hands of the people

Oregon Community Builder Brings the Commons to Life

March 28, 2013
For neighborhood groups, arts organizations and everyday people

Seattle-Area Architect Leverages the Power of the Commons to Foster Stronger Neighborhoods

February 18, 2013
Through design that deepens our connection to shared spaces

Local Fisheries Champion Fights for Value-Based Policy

December 20, 2012
How to protect the ocean commons and coastal communities who depend on its long-term health

Why Health Care is a Commons

November 27, 2012
Good health depends on clean air, clean water, good food and strong communities.

Articulate Advocate for Water as a Basic Human Right

September 17, 2012
Born in South Africa and raised in a remote Canadian village, Naidoo learned the importance of people working together early.

Fine Art Photographer Looks at the Human Dimension of Lake Michigan

August 29, 2012
"My goal is to create a contemporary picture of the lake, and I can’t think of a better way than by showing the people who interact with it daily."
Tom Stearns

Seed Saver Inspires Wide-Ranging Economic Renaissance in His Hometown

August 7, 2012
“I think of myself as a weaver. I try to help connect people who are dying to be connected, but don’t know it yet, to improve the true health and wealth of our community.” – Tom Stearns
Daria Fain and Robert Kocik

The Commons Choir: Revealing the History of the Commons Through Song and Dance

July 26, 2012
Out of a decades-long commitment to creating socially conscious forms of art, Fain and Kocik have created a new musical called E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E, which both demonstrates how the history of profit and privatization has affected the way we communicate, and challenges us to question the way we live today.