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Community Life

Locally-based commons build the “social wealth” of our communities. It is therefore important to create and maintain an independent business sector, inviting public spaces, local agricultural initiatives, and other vital community systems.

Copenhagen bikers have their own lane raised from the street. (By Spacing magazine under a CC license.)

October 13, 2014

Going Dutch and Danish

American cities are learning from places where bikes are 30 percent or more of street traffic
October 8, 2014

An Orchard Grows in Boston

Rebuilding the commons in an economically-divided, violence-scarred neighborhood

Even with heavy traffic traffic, many New York streets accomodate pedestrians. (By Ed Yourdon under a CC license.)

September 23, 2014

These Streets Are Made for Walking

How to restore foot traffic as a way to go

(By Dylan Passmore under a CC license)

September 11, 2014

Fixing the Tragedy No One Wants to Think About

NYC and other cities confront the fact that 4500 Americans die every year crossing the street

A Southern town that broadens government role in promoting the common good.  (Photo by J. Stephen Conn under a CC license)

September 11, 2014

The Little City That Could

Somerset, Kentucky bucks big corporations by selling its citizens gasoline at lower costs

Neighborhood post offices would be replaced by a counter in a big box store with a barely trained clerk. (Photo by Bruce Tuten under a Creative Commons license.)

July 30, 2014

Latest Plan to Privatize Post Office Hits Unexpected Obstacle

Labor solidarity threatens idea of moving post offices to big box stores

Occupiers of Rome's Teatro Valle want to move Italy's cultural policies in the direction of the commons.

July 28, 2014

Commoners Continue to Occupy Rome’s Teatro Valle

Why breaking the law is sometimes the highest form of legality

Davis, California, leads the nation in biking with its network of bike lanes, off-road bike trails and an increasing number of protected bike lanes. Twenty-two percent of all trips around town are by bike. (Photo by Thanh Ha Dang under a Creative Commons license.) 

July 27, 2014

One Surprising Reason America Lags Behind the World on Bikes

Plus: How America's biking capital rose to number one

Gas taxes don't cover the cost of building and repairing highways, not to mention the environmental pricetag. (Photo from flickr.com under a Creative Commons license.)

July 25, 2014

Republicans Wreck Their Own Principles on Highways

Slash Medicare, mail delivery, student aid, but don't make drivers pay for roads