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Community Life

Locally-based commons build the “social wealth” of our communities. It is therefore important to create and maintain an independent business sector, inviting public spaces, local agricultural initiatives, and other vital community systems.

Piazza Verdi in Bologna, a city incorporating commons practices into its government operations. (By Tyler Durdan under a Creative Commons license)

February 8, 2016

City as a Commons: Flint to Italy

200 activists flock to Bologna to how the commons can be incorporated into city governance

Athens can teach us about what makes people happy. (Photo by Doug under a Creative Commons license.)

December 23, 2015

What's the Secret of Making a Happy City?

Ancient Athens shows what to do. Rome shows what not to do.

Kids on the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota. By Yesy Belajar Memotrek under a Creative Commons license. 

November 17, 2015

Every Community Should be Safe for Walking

That's the mission coming out of National Walking Summit: Equal access to healthy lifestyles

By Russell Mondy under a Creative Commons license 

October 23, 2015

Walking is a Fundamental Human Right

But some people are kept indoors by unsafe roads, crime and racial profiling

By Pedro Ribeiro Simoes under a Creative Commons license 

September 29, 2015

Easy Steps to Walking More

The Surgeon General says it's important to our health. Here's how to make it a natural, pleasurable part of your life

A three-acre wasteland on the South Side of Chicago is now an urban oasis. (Photo courtesy of Eden Place)

September 28, 2015

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle---and Reclaim Common Places

The next, new stage in saving the environment

By Scott Beale under a Creative Commons license

September 12, 2015

Surgeon General's RX for Better Health: Walk More

Why it's good for us, our communities, the environment and the economy

(Photo by Toshihiro Gamo under a Creative Commons license.) 

July 27, 2015

What I Learned About Life From a Howling Dog

The spirit of the commons works in mysterious ways

In the Netherlands, older people bike at exactly the same rate as the rest of the population-- about 25 percent of all trips. (Photo by Amsterdamize under a Creative Commons license.)

July 27, 2015

Older Americans Rediscover Bikes

They pedal for fun, health, transportation and to enjoy a stronger sense of community