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Community Life

Locally-based commons build the “social wealth” of our communities. It is therefore important to create and maintain an independent business sector, inviting public spaces, local agricultural initiatives, and other vital community systems.

March 9, 2013

Reviving the Idea That Urban Land is Common Wealth

In the early 20th Century, Progressives saw urban land as common property
February 25, 2013

How Commons-based Strategies Can Transform Your Hometown

Invite OTC to town to boost public life and community connections
February 6, 2013

The End of the Post Office as a Public Institution?

The Post Office will close half its processing centers this year and end Saturday delivery
February 5, 2013

The Palace in New York Owned by Everyone

Lessons about the commons at Grand Central Station
January 31, 2013

To Improve a Community, Build on What's Good to Make Things Better

Capitalizing on opportunities can be more important than solving problems
January 29, 2013

Who Needs Government?

What’s right and what’s wrong with Libertarians’ vision of a volunteer society
January 21, 2013

In Defense of Taxes

Even if they cut into charitable giving
January 8, 2013

It's All Happening at the Park

More than ever, we need common ground where all kinds of people can interact, learn and have fun
December 2, 2012

A City Lover's Guide to Detroit

The Motor City offers plenty for people excited about urban life and community revitalization
December 2, 2012

Be a Local (Economy) Hero This Holiday Season

The old phrase “use or lose it” applies especially to neighborhood businesses