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Community Life

Locally-based commons build the “social wealth” of our communities. It is therefore important to create and maintain an independent business sector, inviting public spaces, local agricultural initiatives, and other vital community systems.

September 6, 2006

Ivan Illich and Silence as a Commons

Silence is a commons.
August 16, 2006

The Comedy Of The Neglected Private

Private land often becomes an unofficial commons.
Enrique Peñalosa
August 13, 2006

Latin American Mayor Fights for Equal Access to Happiness

Enrique Peñalosa improved the lives of Bogotá's poor
July 24, 2006

The Long Tail And The Market Me

Long-tail institutions such as NetFlix and ABEbooks.com bring us a cornucopia of cultural offerings. But what do we lose in the process?
July 19, 2006

The New Orleans Commons

How the commons can help us understand the Katrina disaster in New Orleans and its aftermath.
June 29, 2006

Reclaiming Public Space in San Francisco

The privatization of public space and how to win it back. The San Francisco group Rebar is on the frontlines.
June 16, 2006

A Captive Audience of Kids

Big Brother rides the school bus. Bus Radio targets a captive audience of kids with the help of cash-starved school districts.
May 14, 2006

Remembering Galbraith: Paying for goods that have a zero price, on the margin

Investing everything in private goods and starving public assets has not made us any happier.
May 6, 2006

Why Don't We Share The Toys?

How can it be that Philippines rank higher than the U.S. on measures of national happiness? Perhaps because they have not lost the instinct to share.
April 28, 2006

Can Alameda Citizens Reclaim their Own Public Land?

A California city wants to reclaim land it sold to a railroad in 1924.