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Community Life

Locally-based commons build the “social wealth” of our communities. It is therefore important to create and maintain an independent business sector, inviting public spaces, local agricultural initiatives, and other vital community systems.

June 30, 2005

New York City Shows How Co-op Housing Can Work

Co-op housing provides some shelter from the speculative greed of the real estate market—and offers a stronger sense of community
June 20, 2005

Houses, Houses Everywhere

How the boom in second (and third) homes for the wealthy affects us all.
June 16, 2005

A Kind of Strength

In praise of Bill Russell – basketball star and sports hero in every sense of the word.
June 1, 2005

The Dangers of Faux Localism

Everyone knows the importance of local institutions with character and soul. That's why national chains try to pass themselves off as examples of local charm.
May 19, 2005

The Rich Appeal of Giving Circles

Giving circles bring the spirit of the commons to charitable causes and help accomplish a lot of good in the world.
May 18, 2005

Factories of Cheer

A controversy over growing raunchiness in cheerleading routines raises perplexing questions for conservatives.
May 6, 2005

Re-localize Yourself

Re-localize yourself! Take a stand to protect and promote your hometown commons.
April 25, 2005

Pot and Pains

Is marijuana dismissed for its pain-relieving benefits because powerful drug companies don't own patents on it?
April 22, 2005

Tools and Tasks

The closing of a car repair shop offers an opportunity to consider how changing technology affects our lives.
March 23, 2005

Big-Boxes vs. Local Culture

The vitality of communities depends upon locally-based businesses. More places are coming to understand that.