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Economy and Markets

Conventional economic theory fails to account for the pivotal role of the commons in generating and distributing wealth. It is important to understand the limits of individual property rights and pay attention the wide benefits coming from the commons sector of the economy.

Jobs' iPhone:  Vernacular Innovation vs Terminator Tech
October 1, 2007

Jobs' iPhone: Vernacular Innovation vs Terminator Tech

The tragedy of Steve Jobs is also a tragedy for the commons. Apple's new iPhone can only be used with AT&T service.
September 25, 2007

Commonizing Tax Incentives

A tax system filled with "tax breaks" to encourage various worthwhile efforts is inherently biased in favor of the wealthy.
September 10, 2007

Broken Social Feedback: The Wealth Gap Is An Experience Gap

When the wealthy and powerful figures who make most of the decisions in our society don't inhabit the same reality as everyday citizens--literally--we have a big problem.
Green Politics and Racial Inequality?
August 31, 2007

Green Politics and Racial Inequality?

Will green solutions exacerbate economic inequality? An economist addresses what may become a vexing issue for the environmental cause
August 28, 2007

Management Lessons From The Commons: How To Make The Boss Shape Up

A lesson in shaping up corporate America can be found in an irrigation coop in the Philippines.
August 8, 2007

Microsoft Trounces OpenDocument Legislation – Six Times

Microsoft vs. the people: the software behemoth wants to crush the promising OpenDocument Format (ODF) initiative.
July 2, 2007

The tragedy of the non-commons

Tragedy of the non-commons: the environment and many people suffer.
July 2, 2007

Evolution, Oil, Capitalism and the Commons

The market can work when resources are plentiful, but the commons is needed when they are scarce.
May 29, 2007

The Irrationality of "Economics"

Sometimes we make better decisions together than individually. That's why economics based on rational choices sometimes doesn't work.
May 10, 2007

Reffing in the NBA: Economist Study of "Bias" in Pro Basketball Says Much About The Reigning Narrative Of The Commons

A controversial study showing bias among NBA referees raises questions about economists' research methodology, with surprising consequences for the commons.