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Economy and Markets

Conventional economic theory fails to account for the pivotal role of the commons in generating and distributing wealth. It is important to understand the limits of individual property rights and pay attention the wide benefits coming from the commons sector of the economy.

March 20, 2005

Where's Hoover?

The saga of inkjet printer cartridges speaks volumes about corporations' greed and the public's suffering.
February 16, 2005

Take and Take

The sad saga of how corporate money and timid government robs the public and threatens an endangered species.
February 1, 2005

Whose Ball?

The raw greed in the sporting world is appalling and, worse, sad.
January 19, 2005

Free Marketeers Want a Commons of Their Own

If you can't beat them, join them. Free marketeers want a commons of their own.
December 7, 2004

The Commercialization of Chit-Chat

Companies want to control word-of-mouth in order to push their products. That enthusiastic recommendation from a friend may have been a paid commercial message.
December 5, 2004

Toward a "Literacy of Cooperation"

The overlooked power of cooperation is finally getting some serious attention in academia.