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Economy and Markets

Conventional economic theory fails to account for the pivotal role of the commons in generating and distributing wealth. It is important to understand the limits of individual property rights and pay attention the wide benefits coming from the commons sector of the economy.

October 15, 2012

What's the Source of Rage in the Republican Party?

Democrats' victory can help the commons-- but the real work now starts at the gressroots
September 22, 2012

The Hidden Issue in This Year's Campaign

Government vs. Free Market misses the point. Government creates markets.
September 21, 2012

Where Do We Go From Here?

A leading figure in the environmental movement offers a manifesto for America the Possible
August 28, 2012

Corporate Crime Does Pay

Major businesses repeatedly break the same laws over again to boost profits
August 16, 2012

For Good Customer Service Go to Government, Not Corporations

Have you tried to get through to your insurance company or bank recently?
August 3, 2012

Equity is Essential

8 ideas about how to advance equity in commons work
July 25, 2012

Noam Chomsky: The Continuing Destruction of Our Commons

By the end of the century, the Magna Carta-- and democracy itself-- might be in shreds
June 4, 2012

Business Can't Win the Privatization Game Without a Handicap

Private sector depends on public subsidies to compete with public sector
May 1, 2012

Economy and Markets

April 17, 2012

Let's Really Talk About Taxes

Tax reform is the way to stop economic losses for the bottom 90 percent