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Economy and Markets

Conventional economic theory fails to account for the pivotal role of the commons in generating and distributing wealth. It is important to understand the limits of individual property rights and pay attention the wide benefits coming from the commons sector of the economy.

February 23, 2012

Making New Worlds Possible

A report from the Occupy Wall Street forum on the commons
February 23, 2012

Fair is Fair

For the sake of our communities, it's time to tax e-commerce
February 16, 2012

Economic Security Beyond Jobs

Let's pay dividends to everyone from our common wealth
February 8, 2012

Another Europe is Possible

A Forum in Rome responds to austerity measures by forging a commons vision
January 29, 2012

Biggest Secret in the World Economy

Cooperatives employ more people than multinational companies
January 19, 2012

Challenging the Republican's Five Myths on Inequality

The Republican position on inequality rests on five statements, all false.
December 22, 2011

Occupy Giving

Why do the 1% give less than the rest of us?
December 20, 2011

In Defense of Hippies & Others Who Live Outside the System

It's the clean cut Wall Street types who swindled America
December 13, 2011

Occupy Economics Departments

Conventional economists have a lot to answer for but will they listen?