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Economic growth that depends upon depleting nature is not “progress,” but wanton destruction of a vital commons. Our mission is to draw attention to this theft of commonly owned wealth and promote ways to restore natural ecosystems through better commons management systems.

September 30, 2014

"Women Are Saying Enough Is Enough"

Carolyn Raffensperger on the 2014 Women's Congress, Pre-Traumatic Stress Syndrome and the power of withdrawing consent
September 9, 2014

What If We Put the Future First?

The 2014 Women’s Congress translates this question into practical steps for protecting coming generations

 Annette Bernhardt under a CC license

September 3, 2014

People's Climate Justice Movement Tackles Threats Facing Us

Why the commons is the foundation of a climate justice agenda

(By Ijirawu Jimbo under a CC license)

August 11, 2014

Care of of the Commons. Care of the Soul

Sharing is the path to a greener, more peaceful world

Judges appraise the quality of tap water from various US communities at the 133rd annual conference of the American Water Works Association.

July 14, 2014

Why Boston Brags About the Tastiest Tap Water in the US

Watershed protection, not filtration plants, make them the winner
June 23, 2014

Commons Social Charter Engages Everyone to Protect the Great Lakes

The Great Lakes Commons introduces the charter and a new website

(Photo by Mkorsakov under a Creative Commons license.)

May 19, 2014

To Stop Climate Change, Start Calling It By a Different Name

Subconsciously, we warm to the idea of hotter planet

Photo by PennStateNews under a Creative Commons license.

April 19, 2014

How a Commons Way of Life Helps Curb Climate Change

It offers an appealing alternative to more stuff and more money, which drives environmental destruction today