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Economic growth that depends upon depleting nature is not “progress,” but wanton destruction of a vital commons. Our mission is to draw attention to this theft of commonly owned wealth and promote ways to restore natural ecosystems through better commons management systems.

April 5, 2007

The Perils of Equating Wealth with Happiness

New evidence for the old wisdom that money cannot buy happiness.
March 28, 2007

Global Warming’s Big Cash Dividend

A sensible, equitable way to curb global warming.
March 21, 2007

Who Owns Maine's Water -- Nestle or the People?

The new water politics of the 21st century make a stage debut in Maine
March 14, 2007

Meet the New Fuel, Same as the Old Fuel

America's ethanol boom worries Latin American activists.
March 13, 2007

Hidden Vista: New Microsoft Operating System Means Toxic Trash For Third World

Ignoring the toxic underside of the "clean" computer industry is hard to ignore in the developing world.
March 11, 2007

The Conservatory of the Coast, an original governance for fragile commons

An innovative idea from France ties local communities into the protection of coastlines.
March 5, 2007

A Tragedy (of the Commons) Wrought by Good Intentions

Why should native peoples be forced to leave their land to protect it as a park or preserve?
March 2, 2007

A Day in Sacramento

A gift to polluters is no way to fix global warming.
February 21, 2007

Enforcing the Moratorium Commons: Of Terrorists, Pirates, State-sponsored Industrial Criminals, and Whales

A face-off between activist "pirates" and Japanese whaling ships highlights the meaning and complexity of the commons.
February 16, 2007

Wrapping Our Legal Minds Around the Global Commons: Res Nullius, Res Communis, and Res Divini Juris

Lessons from outer space in protecting our treasures here on earth.