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Most elements of the commons are global, transcending the sovereignty of any nation. There is a pressing need for international agreements on managing common resources such as air, water, the internet, airwaves and other essential parts of our lives. Examples of tags: global commons, trade, economic development.

July 25, 2013

Nature is an Open-Source Commons

Andreas Weber's idea of Enlivenment rejects Social Darwinism and theories that call nature inert matter
June 17, 2013

Learning to "Commonify" Your Mind

Breaking free of the belief that the market rules everything in our lives
May 22, 2013

From Berlin With Hope

International Economics & the Commons Conference breaks new ground in how we thrive together
March 10, 2013

Land Grabs Spread Throughout Developing World

Hunger and Human Rights abuses threaten fragile rural communities
February 4, 2013

A Movement to Protect the Earth Rises in Canada

Idle No More: Indigenous people mount a high-profile challenge to Prime Minister Stephen Harper's policies
January 8, 2013

Greeks Stand Up to Protect Their Water From Privatization

As foreign investors eye their public utilities, water workers scramble to create cooperatives
January 6, 2013

Who Should Pay the Costs of Climate Change?

Increasingly frequent disasters like Hurricane Sandy and Typhoon Bopha raise the question of global sharing
December 2, 2012

Hima: An Islamic Tradition of the Commons

Middle Eastern greens revive Muhammad's vision of protecting special places for future generations
October 22, 2012

A 500-Year Revolution of the Rich Against the Poor

The loss of the Medieval commons still affects the world today