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Media and Internet

The Internet offers an unparalleled opportunity for generating and expanding the commons in many ways. The mass media, often relying on free use of the airwaves, is a powerful public resource that too often represents the views of a narrow strata of society. Thinking of communications itself as a commons opens up broad new possibilities for sharing of information and insight.

July 12, 2006

A Return to Local Control of Newspapers?

A return to local control of newspapers? The supercharged economics of the media business may bring improvements to local news.
May 18, 2006

The Tragedy of the Corporation

The tragedy of the corporation: the Microsoft-Apple rivalry highlights the weakness of our economic system.
May 8, 2006

WIPO xcasting treaties – next steps

A new global treaty sets intellectual property rights for webcasting.
April 27, 2006

Enclosing the Knowledge Commons: Three Variations on a Theme

The internet is a commons. Big companies want to enclose it, which would affect our lives in the following ways.
March 23, 2006

Turning Play into Work

Turning play into work by becoming a professional computer game competitor.
March 16, 2006

Why Not Restructure Journalism as a Local Trust?

A way to save the local newspaper
February 2, 2006

Broadcasters' Lockup of "White Space" Spectrum Thwarts WiFi

Broadcasters' lock-up of "white space" on the public airwaves spectrum thwarts public access to wifi.
January 17, 2006

The News Media vs. Wikipedia

The news media v. Wikipedia. Which is more authoritative? A scientific study ranks them equally.
December 8, 2005

Online Commons and the Reinvention of Journalism

As the mainstream media struggles with declining audiences, the commons of online journalism flourishes.
November 30, 2005

Umatilla County, Oregon network for emergency, public safety and onion farming

One of the largest wi-fi networks in the U.S. was installed in rural Oregon as a safety precaution in case of a spill at a military nerve gas storage depot.