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Media and Internet

The Internet offers an unparalleled opportunity for generating and expanding the commons in many ways. The mass media, often relying on free use of the airwaves, is a powerful public resource that too often represents the views of a narrow strata of society. Thinking of communications itself as a commons opens up broad new possibilities for sharing of information and insight.

May 30, 2012

New Website Maps What We Share Around the Great Lakes

Digital advances paired with commons consciousness helps protect what belongs to us
May 1, 2012

Media and Internet

February 23, 2012

Fair is Fair

For the sake of our communities, it's time to tax e-commerce
February 3, 2012

Decline and Fall of the Mall?

As shopping migrates to the Internet, downtowns may gain an advantage over strip malls and big boxes
October 6, 2011

The War Comes Home to Wall Street After 10 Years

People are demonstrating-- figuratively and literally-- that change is in the air
August 22, 2011

How to Start a Revolution in Our Time

Tips on creating an effective protest camp
June 23, 2011

Why Is Mighty Time Warner So Scared of Tiny Salisbury, North Carolina?

Private telecom companies work to outlaw public competitors
June 10, 2011

Three Tenets of the Commons

A new video with Jay Walljasper, author of All That We Share: A Field Guide to the Commons
January 10, 2011

Once We Insisted On Civility: Reflections on Tucson

From 1930 to 1987 TV and radio broadcasts were required to be fair and balanced. And then we abandoned those rules and talk radio became hate radio.