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December 16, 2010

Online Community Inspiring Eco-Friendly Creativity

Turning Old Things Into New Things

Peek in anyone’s home and I’m sure you’ll find a slew of outdated items and raggedy goods lying about. Most people may be inclined to toss these derelict items into their trash but the ReUseConnection is attempting to transform people’s thinking about their seemingly useless things.

ReUseConnection wants to inspire creativity by providing opportunities for people around the world to connect with one another and exchange ideas on how to creatively recycle unused items. The Washington DC-based organization hopes that by serving as a global knowledge-sharing platform they can also inspire and support eco-entrepreneurship worldwide.

Through their Facebook page, curious and inventive individuals can post questions and tips on what to do with random items that at first glance seem useless. The forums offer great opportunities for robust exchanges about eco-friendly ideas. Items discussed in the forums range from small things such as corks or tea bag strings to larger items like old truck tire rims. There’s even a photo collage of people turning vuzzeles from this year’s World Cup into plant vases and lighting fixtures.

Access ReuseConnection’s vast library of information and forums at http://www.facebook.com/ReUseConnection.

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