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September 8, 2011

Our Last Chance: Listen to the Wombat

Everything we need to know can be learned from a fuzzy marsupial starring in this video

I always figured that it would be dolphins or whales or bonobo apes— maybe even aliens with blue skin, like in Avatar— who would convince us humans need to clean up our act in order to save the Earth.

Who knew it was actually wombats—those fuzzy, burrowing marsupials— who would finally grab our attention in this delightfully wise video “All is One” from Jason Ables and the Global-Mindshift.org?

Take a few minutes to send it around. To your cousin Nigel in Nigeria, your aunt Inez in Indianapolis, your next-door neighbor, your favorite coffeeshop barista and anyone else who needs a jolt of common sense.

The wombats have spoken and they are dead-on right!