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Politics and Government

Just as government is needed to help markets function efficiently and fairly, government is also necessary to facilitate a thriving commons – through regulatory oversight, access mandates, taxes and due process. Yet a key point of the commons movement is that government is not the sole means for fulfilling the aspirations of “we the people.”

March 27, 2012

Public Resistance to Tea Party Attacks on Bike and Pedestrian Programs

Right wingers thwarted in efforts to strip all bike & ped funding
February 23, 2012

Making New Worlds Possible

A report from the Occupy Wall Street forum on the commons
February 23, 2012

Fair is Fair

For the sake of our communities, it's time to tax e-commerce
February 8, 2012

Another Europe is Possible

A Forum in Rome responds to austerity measures by forging a commons vision
January 28, 2012

Strengthening Occupy for the Future

6 ways to stop the movement from becoming institutional
January 19, 2012

Challenging the Republican's Five Myths on Inequality

The Republican position on inequality rests on five statements, all false.
December 23, 2011

How to Boost Biking and Walking in Your Town

Twin Cities shows big increases in 2011. Here's why.
December 22, 2011

Occupy Giving

Why do the 1% give less than the rest of us?
December 13, 2011

Occupy Economics Departments

Conventional economists have a lot to answer for but will they listen?
December 5, 2011

The Real Rationale for Irrational Rhetoric

The Republicans' extreme views are designed to shut down constructive discussion