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Politics and Government

Just as government is needed to help markets function efficiently and fairly, government is also necessary to facilitate a thriving commons – through regulatory oversight, access mandates, taxes and due process. Yet a key point of the commons movement is that government is not the sole means for fulfilling the aspirations of “we the people.”

December 4, 2006

A War of the Worlds: Hierarchies vs. Networks

Open-source spies: is collective knowledge better than spooks?
November 8, 2006

What the 2006 Elections Mean for the Commons

The 2006 elections open a door to more commons-friendly policies on a number of fronts.
October 26, 2006

Conservative Commoners?

The conservative case for the commons. What passes for conservative politics these days is anything but.
September 25, 2006

The Right's Own Welfare State

The Right's own welfare state – It's not sink or swim for conservative activists; they are well-taken-care of by corporate America.
August 20, 2006

Closed Code In The White House

Closed code in the White House: an organizational autopsy of a failed presidency.
July 19, 2006

The New Orleans Commons

How the commons can help us understand the Katrina disaster in New Orleans and its aftermath.
May 19, 2006

The "Common Good" – or the Commons?

If the Democratic Party is serious about fighting for "the common good," it should get serious about the commons.
May 2, 2006

John Kenneth Galbraith

John Kenneth Galbraith was a gifted economist who was not afraid to challenge the basic assumptions of the profession. That's what made him a great economist.
April 6, 2006

How to Create a Real Ownership Society

As the right promotes a corporate-controlled vision of an "ownership society," other observers explore what a true ownership society would look like.