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Politics and Government

Just as government is needed to help markets function efficiently and fairly, government is also necessary to facilitate a thriving commons – through regulatory oversight, access mandates, taxes and due process. Yet a key point of the commons movement is that government is not the sole means for fulfilling the aspirations of “we the people.”

September 30, 2013

XL Not the Only Pipeline Carrying Tar Sands Oil

A fight against Enbridge's crude oil pipeline to the Upper Midwest
September 20, 2013

A Legal Blueprint for Our Ecological Survival

A new book links human rights, environmental rights and the law of the commons
September 14, 2013

Defending the Public From Greed

FDR's campaign speech from 1932 is timely today
August 17, 2013


Join a public art project to recognize the Great Lakes as a commons
July 31, 2013

An Oregon Trail to End Student Debt

Innovative bill brings equity into student loans and gets banks out
July 22, 2013

Connecticut Passes Commons-Based Approach to Taxing Urban Land

Turns traditional property taxes upside down by valuing community contributions to land values
June 18, 2013

The Huge Difference Between Republicans and Democrats

Look at what they are doing at the state level today
June 17, 2013

A Huge Win for the Commons

US Supreme Court rules human genes cannot be patented
June 9, 2013


Our dysfunctional, corporate dominated food system threatens our health and the planet
May 23, 2013

Potential Partners We Don't Recognize

Why local government, co-ops, community organizations, and unions are commoners