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Jan Hively (Janet M. Hively, PhD) is a social entrepreneur who founded the MN Vital Aging Network in 2001 and co-founded a new organization, SHiFT, “empowering midlife moves to meaning in life and work,” in 2006. Her career has included school and community planning, administration and outreach for public and non-profit organizations. What all of her efforts have in common is that they are based on the philosophy that communities and systems need to look at life through a new paradigm consistent with planning for meaningful work and personal growth all the way through life. Her mantra is, “Meaningful work, paid or unpaid, through the last breath.”

Twin Cities, Minnesota
SHiFT (www.shiftonline.org), MN Creative Arts and Aging Network (www.mncaan.net), Vital Aging Network(www.vital-aging-network.org),Community Celebration(www.communitycelebration.org), Life Planning Network