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Corporate initiatives to privatize, control, deplete or pollute fresh water around the world are intensifying, which raises sobering questions about fair access to an indispensable resource for life. The commons provides many constructive answers to this growing threat.

Drinking water for New York City is protected by strict land use policies in places far from the city. (By David Leip under a CC license.)

January 6, 2015

An Unexpected Success Story Links Our Health to Wild Lands

Conservation policies ensure both safe drinking water and ecological preservation

Judges appraise the quality of tap water from various US communities at the 133rd annual conference of the American Water Works Association.

July 14, 2014

Why Boston Brags About the Tastiest Tap Water in the US

Watershed protection, not filtration plants, make them the winner

Charity Hicks was at the forefront of many campaigns for justice, the environment and the commons.

July 11, 2014

Remembering Charity Hicks, Ardent Advocate of People's Right to Water

Detroit leader played big role in movements for food security, environment and the commons
June 23, 2014

Commons Social Charter Engages Everyone to Protect the Great Lakes

The Great Lakes Commons introduces the charter and a new website

Detroit's recovery will lose ground if thousands of people are run out of their homes after the city shuts off the water.(Photo by S.J. Carey under a Creative Commons license)

June 11, 2014

International Human Rights Violations in Detroit

Thousands of people face water shut-offs as part of privatization strategy

To ensure safe drinking water for all, Arturo Quevedo vigilantly protects local watersheds for the municipal water utility in Loja, Ecuador. (Photo by Daniel Moss)

May 19, 2014

Clean Water Warrior

Artruro Quevedo enlists citizens, landowners and public officials to protect the water supply in southern Ecuador
January 17, 2014

Cities Partner with Rural Communities to Protect Water

The benefits of recognizing watersheds as commons around the globe
January 15, 2014

Public Water Systems Can Help the War on Poverty

Rising water costs aggravate low-income families' problems
October 23, 2013

Public Beats Private

Six reasons why privatization simply doesn't work