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April 24, 2013


Participate in our public art project and lend your voice to the Great Lakes Commons Charter

I AM WATER is a public art project created by Camille Gage, a Minnesota artist. It is an artful vehicle for lending your voice to the Great Lakes Charter and will result in a large, moveable, indoor/outdoor sculpture consisting of hundreds—perhaps even thousands—of paper ‘ripples.’ Each ripple will represent a voice added to the Charter and an individual who has pledged to be a steward of the Lakes. There are two ways to participate: online and by mail.

To participate online, see the I AM WATER REFLECTION/ACTION section below. You will share your thoughts via email, and a project artist will create your ripple for you.

To participate by mail, send an email request for a materials packet for your classroom or group. Don’t forget to indicate how many ripples you want to create! The materials for your ripple(s) and a reflection/action guide will be mailed to the address you provide. You will also receive a SASE envelope you can use to submit your ripples.


I AM WATER asks you to reflect on your relationship to the Great Lakes and our region’s fresh water by following these simple steps:

Find a quiet space to sit and reflect, free from distractions. If you are doing this as a class, discuss the questions below as a group and then move into personal reflection.

Take a few deep breaths and let an image of water come into your mind. Perhaps it is one of the Great Lakes, a beach you visit, or a vista of the Lakes you particularly enjoy. Stay with this image as you take a few more silent breaths.

Now consider these questions:

  • Why do the Great Lakes matter to you?

  • What is our responsibility to and for them?

  • How can we best protect them?

You can respond to these questions online here and an artist will make your ripple for you. Make sure to note a single word or phrase that you would like to have on your ripple. Or request an I AM WATER packet by emailing info@greatlakescommons.org.

Thank you for being a part of I AM WATER and adding your voice to the Great Lakes Charter!

Check back to see pictures of the work in progress.