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David Bollier

Stories by David Bollier

There's One Overwhelming Issue in This Election

August 14, 2016
The future of the Supreme Court. Three liberal justices are 83, 80 & 78

A very popular toy doll who shall remain nameless due to lawsuit fears.  (By Deborah is Lola under a Creative Commons license) 

The Plot to Privatize Common Knowledge

March 10, 2015
How patents, copyrights and trademarks have been grossly distorted--even Barbie is tied up in court

By Susan Sermoneta under a CC license

The Great Promise of Social Co-Operatives

November 18, 2014
A practical alternative to corporate economic control already exists. It is more efficient and more responsive to people's needs

Occupiers of Rome's Teatro Valle want to move Italy's cultural policies in the direction of the commons.

Commoners Continue to Occupy Rome’s Teatro Valle

July 28, 2014
Why breaking the law is sometimes the highest form of legality

(Photo by Martin Dewar under a Creative Commons license.)

Ecuador Takes First Step Toward a Commons Economy

June 16, 2014
Government sponsors research on how to transition to commoning and open networks

Biggest Secret in the World Economy

January 29, 2012
Cooperatives employ more people than multinational companies

The Great American Apparel Diet

October 21, 2010
A peer support group for people who mindlessly buy too many clothes.

People Plot to Put Buses Back on the Streets

October 7, 2010
Chicago group exploring worker-run bus coop to deal with transit cutbacks.

A Public School Goes Commercial

October 4, 2010
School notices in Peabody, Mass., will soon feature local advertisements.

Taming Global Capital

September 22, 2010
A network of market experts declares the global financial system a commons that should be governed accordingly.

Corporatizing the Boston Common

September 20, 2010
Will Bostonians rally to save their historic park for the people?

Liberate the Music!

September 16, 2010
Musopen is ingeniously freeing classical music from the chains of copyrighted recordings.