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What If We Put the Future First?

The 2014 Women’s Congress translates this question into practical steps for protecting coming generations

What if we put the future first?

What if we prioritized the well being of everyone’s kids and grandkids ahead of today’s myopic economic and political interests? What if we honored everyone’s right to sustainably use the commons?

These are questions at the heart of the groundbreaking Future First 2014 Women’s Congress held November 7-9 in Minneapolis: to call on the untapped power of women to halt the degradation of our planet.

Join us for a life-changing event connecting people like you, who are ready to stand together to ensure a clean and healthy world for future generations. Be inspired by some of the planet's best researchers, thinkers, and planners. Draw on the strength of our hearts and minds to unite people everywhere to say, “Stop! This is enough, we withdraw our consent.”

The 2014Women’s Congress--which follows up on a successful 2012 charter Congress in Moab, Utah--is sponsored by Future First, a women-led Midwest-based initiative that seeks to catalyze groups and individuals to take practical steps ensuring a hopeful future for the planet.

To be part of this life-changing experience, register at the Future First website.