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Restoring the American Dream

A new initiative to bring fairness back to the tax code

Wealth for the Common Good is a new commons-based
initiative co-launched by Institute for Policy
Studies’ Chuck Collins (also an OTC Fellows) to
mobilize business leaders and wealthy individuals
who can leverage their influence to challenge
inequality and promote a more progressive tax

In 2009, its first year of operation, the group
worked to defend the federal estate tax and advocate
for rescinding the tax breaks on households with
incomes over $235,000 that were pushed through
by George W. Bush. In 2010, Wealth for the Common
Good is working to close overseas tax
loopholes and institute a financial transaction tax.

This privileged constituency is uniquely positioned
to open up the debate on taxes. By talking about
the crucial role that the commons and public investments
played in their own financial success,
business leaders and investors can help people see
through the myth that “self-made men” did it all
by themselves, while also highlighting the benefits
of taxes for shared prosperity.