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Sunny Side of the Street

The Solar Commons project in Phoenix win prestigious green energy award

The Solar Commons is an innovative project to
generate solar power in the rights-of-way along
public roads and other commons, with profits
going into a trust to support education, environmental,
economic equality and commons projects
in the local community.

A demonstration project
now underway in the Phoenix area recently won
the won the U.S. Green Building Council’s 2009
Legacy Project Award, a prestigious honor sought by
many green energy initiatives across the nation.

The solar commons project has been conceived
and led by Dr. Kathryn Milun, a OTC Fellow and
Professor at the University of Minnesota-Duluth. In
partnership with the City of Phoenix, On the Commons
and local donors, the Demonstration Project
has raised $160,000 and many in kind donations
from local architects, legal firms, and construction
and solar installation companies.

A site has been targeted in the center of downtown Phoenix in a
prominent pedestrian area alongside the city’s new
light rail system. The Solar Commons Team is now
negotiating a memorandum of agreement with
the City of Phoenix and interested parties, with
construction set for March.

For more information see http://solarcommons org..”