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Walk This Way

October 12, 2012
A place to stroll is the glue that holds communities together

Ciao, Water Privatizers

July 27, 2011
Italian commons activists' big plans to follow up on their smashing election victory

Toasting a Major Victory for the Water Commons

June 27, 2011
Italian voters overwhelmingly reject water privatization

Takin' It to the Streets

July 1, 2010
Those who want to restrict the free flow of pedestrians will crush the vitality of our cities.

A Water Commons Clash in the Coliseum

March 19, 2010
Join the fight against privatization of water in Italy.

The Stirrings of a "Degrowth Movement"

June 9, 2009
Academics from around the world explore the (positive) implications of a no-growth economy.

Video Game Pits Commoners vs. Enclosure

September 26, 2008
Molleindustria introduces “The Free Culture Game”