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July 10, 2012

The Foundation of Commons-Based Solutions

Six elements of a new paradigm for a life-giving future

Over the course of two years, On the Commons identified the following key elements of commons-based solutions during our workshops in the field. These values informed our workshop conversations and have become an essential guide for the design and implementation of commons-based initiatives.

A commons-based solution, which adds up to a commons-based society, is one:

  • In which we all belong, or we all have a stake, without exception.
  • That is grounded in a sense of sufficiency, and in which we have a mutual responsibility to take care of this abundance and pass it on.
  • That values the humanity of everyone.
  • Where there is rough social equity in decision making processes, outcomes, and across society as a whole.
  • That takes into account who we are and where we are from; or, in other words, our history.
  • That has structures, systems, and rules in place to ensure continuity into the future.