Canada Announces Extra GST Payments for 2024

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In 2024, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is providing extra GST payments to help low and moderate-income families. These payments are tax-free and are designed to reduce the financial burden of goods and services tax (GST) for eligible Canadians. Here’s a breakdown of what the extra GST payment is, who is eligible, and how much you can receive.


What is the Extra GST Payment?


The Extra GST Payment is additional financial assistance provided by the CRA to help Canadian taxpayers cope with the rising cost of living. It’s offered as a grocery rebate supplement and is based on your net income and the number of dependents you have.


Who is Eligible?

Eligibility Criteria

To receive the Extra GST Payment, you must:

  • Be a Canadian taxpayer who has filed an income tax return.
  • Have a low or moderate income.
  • Meet the federal income threshold, which considers your adjusted family net income and family size.

Payment Amounts

How Much Will You Get?

The amount you receive depends on your income and family situation:

  • Single individuals: $496
  • Married or common-law partners: $650 per couple
  • Each child under 18: $171

If your annual net income exceeds $35,000, the payment amount will be reduced by 2% for each dollar over this threshold. Higher incomes result in smaller payments.


How to Apply

Application Process

To get the Extra GST Payment, you must file your income tax return with the CRA. The payment is automatically calculated based on your tax return, so there’s no separate application needed.


When Will You Receive the Payment?

Payment Dates

The CRA distributes these payments periodically throughout the year. Make sure your tax return is filed on time to ensure you receive the benefits as scheduled.


The Extra GST Payment 2024 aims to provide much-needed financial relief to Canadian families struggling with rising costs. By understanding your eligibility and ensuring your income tax return is filed, you can benefit from this additional support. Keep an eye on the CRA’s updates for specific payment dates and amounts.


What is the Extra GST Payment for?

It’s additional financial aid to help with the cost of living, especially groceries.


Who qualifies for the Extra GST Payment?

Canadian taxpayers with low or moderate incomes who have filed their income tax returns.


How is the payment amount determined?

It’s based on your adjusted family net income and the number of children under 18.


Do I need to apply for the Extra GST Payment?

No, it’s automatically calculated from your income tax return.


When will I get my Extra GST Payment?

Payments are made periodically throughout the year after you file your tax return.



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