U.S. Kennedy Half-Dollar Coin Worth Up to $26,000

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Do you like collecting rare coins? If yes, the Kennedy half dollar from 1964 might interest you. These coins are worth a lot, sometimes up to $26,500. Let’s find out why these coins are so special and why collectors love them.


What Makes the Kennedy Half Dollar Special?

Historical Value

The 1964 Kennedy half dollar is important for several reasons:

  • Historical Significance: This coin was made shortly after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.
  • Material Composition: These coins are made with 90% silver, which is more than later coins.
  • Limited Production: 1964 was the first year these coins were made, making them rare.

Condition and Rarity

Why Condition and Rarity Matter

The value of a Kennedy half dollar depends on its condition and rarity. Some coins in great condition have sold for over $25,000 at auctions. Here are some factors that affect their value:

  • Mint Mark: Coins made in certain places can be more valuable.
  • Condition: Coins that look new and are not damaged are more valuable.
  • Historical Provenance: Coins with an interesting history can be worth more.

Market Demand

Why Collectors Want These Coins

Even though many Kennedy half dollars were made in 1964, they are still rare. Collectors want these coins because they are special pieces of history. After President Kennedy’s death, many people bought these coins as keepsakes.


Coin Characteristics

Details About the 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar

In 1964, over 429 million Kennedy half-dollar coins were made, including those from the Denver Mint. Despite this high number, they are still rare. The Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) has a guide to their value based on condition:

  • MS-40: $14
  • MS-60: $17
  • MS-63: $24 – $26
  • MS-64: $30 – $38
  • MS-65: $52 – $75
  • MS-66: $150 – $325
  • MS-67: $575 – $2,500
  • MS-68: $26,500

Professional Advice

Get Help from Experts

If you have a 1964 Kennedy half dollar, you might want to talk to a coin dealer or collector to find out its value. Each coin is unique and could be worth a lot.


The 1964 Kennedy half dollar is a special coin that collectors love. Its historical significance and rarity make it valuable. If you have one, it might be worth a lot, so check with a professional to find out. Happy collecting!


What makes the 1964 Kennedy half dollar valuable?

Its historical significance, high silver content, and limited production make it valuable.


How much can a 1964 Kennedy half dollar be worth?

Depending on its condition, it can be worth from $14 to $26,500.


Why do collectors want Kennedy half dollars?

They are rare and have significant historical value, making them prized collectibles.


How can I find out the value of my Kennedy half dollar?

Consult a coin dealer or professional collector for an accurate valuation.


What factors affect the value of a Kennedy half dollar?

The mint mark, condition, and any unique history or provenance of the coin.



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