Double Social Security Payment This Week – Can You Receive Both SSI and Retiree Benefits?

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This week, some beneficiaries will receive a Social Security double payment if they meet the specific requirements of two Social Security programs. While Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and retirement programs have distinct requirements and schedules, occasionally, recipients may qualify for both benefits. Let’s cut into the eligibility criteria, payment schedules, and additional benefits available to Social Security beneficiaries.


Eligibility for Double Payments

Eligibility for a Social Security double payment arises when beneficiaries qualify for both SSI and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Although these programs cater to different groups, concurrent benefits are possible under certain conditions:

  • Young Disability: You became unfit for employment at a young age.
  • Low Wage: You were paid minimal wages.
  • Incomplete Work History: You did not work a full-time job for ten years before becoming disabled.

SSI targets disabled workers who are unable to work and have low incomes, while SSDI provides benefits based on work history and disability status. Despite their distinctions, concurrent benefits can significantly enhance income, particularly if SSDI payments are low.


Monthly Income Limits

  • Individuals: Maximum monthly countable income of $1,767.
  • Couples: Combined maximum monthly income of $2,607.
  • Resource Limits: $2,000 for singles and $3,000 for couples.

July 2024 Payment Schedule

The SSA will deliver five sets of payments in July 2024:

  • July 1st (Monday): SSI recipients
  • July 3rd (Wednesday): Recipients who began receiving benefits before May 1997
  • July 10th (Wednesday): Beneficiaries born between July 1 and 10
  • July 17th (Wednesday): Beneficiaries born between July 11 and 20
  • July 24th (Wednesday): Beneficiaries born between July 21 and 31

Upcoming Double Payments

Eligible beneficiaries will receive their double payments on July 1st and July 3rd if they qualify for both SSI and SSDI. Other beneficiaries will follow the regular payment schedule.


Additional Benefits Programs

Besides double payments, eligible individuals can benefit from other programs:

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
    • Purpose: Helps low-income individuals purchase groceries.
    • Average Monthly Benefit: $105 for older adults.
    • Participation: Approximately 5 million eligible individuals do not participate.
  • Medicare Part D Low-Income Subsidy (LIS or Extra Help)
    • Purpose: Reduces out-of-pocket pharmaceutical costs.
    • Annual Cost per Beneficiary: $5,300.
    • Missed Benefits: About 2 million eligible individuals do not sign up, resulting in $10.6 billion in missed benefits annually.
  • Medicare Savings Programs
    • Purpose: Pays for a person’s monthly Part B premium.
    • Missed Benefits: 2 to 3 million people miss out, totaling $5.94 billion in forfeited payments.
    • Monthly Benefit: Up to $174.70 until 2024.

Receiving a Social Security double payment is possible for those who qualify for both SSI and SSDI. This can provide significant financial relief, particularly for individuals with low SSDI benefits. Additionally, other programs like SNAP, Medicare Part D LIS, and Medicare Savings Programs offer further support. Knowing and leveraging these benefits can help maximize financial stability for eligible recipients.



What is a Social Security double payment?

It occurs when a beneficiary qualifies for both SSI and SSDI, leading to two payments in a single month.


Who qualifies for SSI?

Individuals with low income who are disabled and unable to work.


What is SSDI based on?

SSDI is based on work history and disability status.


When will the double payments be made in July 2024?

Eligible beneficiaries will receive payments on July 1st and July 3rd.


What other benefits can eligible individuals receive?

Additional benefits include SNAP, Medicare Part D LIS, and Medicare Savings Programs.



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